Art happenings without screens
Every Tuesday, at age 10, I used to visit the elder people living in the senior center a couple of blocks up my home, my mother made me do it. In their living room area we would talk, hold hands, laugh. There were no cell phones...

Ingo Mauer lamp
Photo taken by me in the MoMA circa '09
There is something really powerful in the act of putting your phone down. Sfree encourages face to face conversations and art making without devices. We embrace technology for the good it brings us but we also acknowledge how it prevents us from being fully present, here and now.
Upon arrival to the artistic event, you will place your cellphone in a box. You will be given a pen and paper to write down thoughts, create a new contact, or to remember for later that thing you had the need to Google, or that picture you wanted to take.
Idea and development — Laura Calçada i Barres
Get in touch at 718-313-7161 or to know what the next event, happening on October 28th, is all about.

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